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"Connecticut Black News" and "Business USA" Are Now "Partners" In "Advertising" and "News Media World". Let's Make America Great Again !-Land of The Free and Home of The Brave.

This Newspaper "Connecticut Black News" Will Store Data Back To The "War of Independence 1776" There Are Many Dependents, Wives, Children, Free Men,Slaves,  Ex-Slaves, Black Men Who Served In The Military, Who Are Do Land, Land Deeds & Grants, Money and Titles, Military Benefits and Pentions.

Veterans (Advertise For Free !) and Businesses (Advertise For Free !)
Minorities, Disabled and Dis-Advantaged Businesses Can Do Business With The Government (If Your Qualified).

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News, Stories and Memories.

Searching For,
Help Wanted,
Section (8) Housing,
 Veterans Are Qualified and Need Food Stamps Too !, 
Buy Your First 1st. Home Four Hundred Thousand $ 400.00 Dollars (Guarenteed),
 Social Security (SSI) and (SSDI) Veterans Benefits,
 We Don't Have Any Records Showing That You Served In The Military,
 Your Not A Vet !,
 We Lost Your Military Records,
 Retirement Pay, Awards-Decorations-Medals,
 Advertise For Free,
 Message Board, Stories

Send Your Wife and Children To College Under The G.I. Bill For Free !

Sound Off

Buddy List,
Looking For,
Have You Seen (Picture),
 Lost In Combat,
 He's Still There,
He Was Captured In A Battle,
 I Have A Son/Daughter Over There (Picture,
 Have You Seen My Father (Picture) ?,
Amer-Asian Children In The U.S.A. and In Foreign Lands (Picture).

One United Bank

Open A Savings Account For One Hundred Dollars $ 100.00 
 For Three (3) Months To Help "Black Veterans In Business". "The Veterans Hospitals", "Veterans Administration", "The Department of Defence", "The Pentagon" and "The White House" Needs Your Help ! .

Connecticut Black News Theme Song

Dannel Malloy-Govenor

Use Your Own "Brain" and Come Up With Creative Ways To Start New Businesses.

Map of Connecticut.

African American Newspaper In Connecticut. Our Focus Is On

Race, Racism, Discrimination, Justice, Religion, Economics, Political, Liberation, Freedom, Black Veterans Rights and In-Equality.

Black People Must Look At Religion, Black History 10,000 Years and Ethics. I Want You To Go Back In Time, Ten Thousand 10,000 Years Ago. What Were Africans Doing ?.

1.  There Were No Jails or Prisons.

2.  There Was No Mental Institutions.

3.  There Was No Racism.

4. There Was No Orphanages.

5.  There Was No Poverty.

6.  There Were No Beggers or Bums On The Streets.

7. There Was No Murder.

8.  There Was No Rape.

9.  There Was No Robbery.

10. There Was No Break-In's.

11. There Was No Drug Dealers.

12. There Was No Drug Addicts.

13. There Were No Gangs.

14. There Were No Old Folks Homes (They Were Called Elders-They Give Advise).

15. There Were No "Missing Persons-300,000-700,000 Since 1980".

16. There Were No "Runaways".

17. There Was No Spousal Abuse

18. There Was No Elder Abuse.

19. The White Man Stole, Kidnapped Us, Gave Us Government Names and Their Religion/Belief Which Has Been Tampered With In 3,000 B.C., Lies and Fairy Tales.

20. There Was No Soup Kitchens, Lines or Hungry People.

21. There Were No Day Care Centers or Elder Care Centers.

22. There Were No Gay Men or Women.

ALL The Tribes Had A Religion, Belief System or Spirituality.

We, and Us Are Doing Something Wrong ! Maybe We Are Worshiping The Wrong "GOD" or Worshiping The Wrong Way !.

Remember The Story About "Willie Lynch"...It Could Be Another UpSide Down "Trick" To Keep You Down....Think About It !.

I Remember When I Was Eight (8) Years Old, I Knew Everyone On My Block From: 214 Day Street-Edgewood Avenue-Kensington Street-Chapel Street, We Don't Know Each Other No Mo, Yall Rich, I'm PO. 

     "There Was The "University of Tim Buk Tu" and The "Library In Egypt" (Where The Most Intelligent Woman In The World Lived, She Was Killed On The Staircase of The "Library". She Was Leaving The "Library" To Get Onto Her "Chariet", She Knew Everything At That Time and Was Doing Research.

She Was Stabbed By Foreigners, Her Name Was "Hipatia". They Came From ALL Over The Known "World" "Four Thousand 4,000 B. C." To Sit At Our Feet and Learn From Us "African's"...We Will Rise Again...Watch The Stars In The Sky.

Do Your Own Research !

Message To The Black Man !

I Want You To Use Your Own Brain...The Govenor Came On The Television Two (2) Weeks Ago and Said, To The State of Connecticut...Use Your Own Brain. Come Up With New Ideals, Inventions and Products...Let's Get Connecticut Moving Again.

"The Black Indians" Have Been Here In "America" Before The The "White Man" Landed, About A Thousand Years. It's Not My Fault That You Went To "Howard University" (Talented Tenth) and "YALE University" (Buese Niggers) and Hold A "Doctors Degree" and Did't Know It. When I Was A "Teacher" In "West Haven, Connecticut", I Had To Teach The Curiculum...Ignorance.
This Is Where My Wife Was Born, Where Did The Black Indians Come From...They Came From Africa During The High Time About 900 B.C.-1500 A.D. Want To Know More....Research It Yourself.

Black Indians of New Orleans

What Is A Creole and Where Do They Come From ?.

The Brown Paper Bag Test. How Can A People Call Themselves "Christians" and Discriminate Againts Darker People. Is That What "GOD" "Yah Way"Wrote In His Writings ?.

Ethiopio Painting of The "Virgin Mary".

Who Was The First 1st. President of The United States of America ?.

1.  Terrorism
2.  Counterterintelligence
3.  Cyber Crimes 
4.  Public Corruption
5.  Civil Rights
6.  Organized Crime
7.  White Collar Crime
8.  Violent Crime & Major Thefts

F.B.I. Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


Telephone Terrorism and Threatening

Threats Against A "U.S. Citizen" and "Veteran of The Vietnam War".

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired

The Following Telephone Numbers Are Calling Me Daily.

1.  203-309-8523

2.  548-628-9523

3.  865-264-32 (Number Disapeared)

4.  347-942-4552

5. 213-325-6871

6. 562-266-9081

7. 646-432-4514

8.  443-766-1534

9.  203-826-2175  FAU  

The I.R.S. Called 10:30 A;M; and Said That I Would Be "Arrested" For "Tax Fraud", Call This Number
 8. 407-749-6440

More Telephone Numbers Are Coming

I Want The F.B. I. To Use All Their Cyber Skills To Track These People Down So That I Can Sue Them With My Lawyer, "Connecticut Civil Liberties Union" In "Federal Court".

They Are Using A Telephone Redialing Device, Using Foreign Dialing Systems. They Say That I Owe Somebody $5,000.00 Dollars, and If I Don't Pay, They Are Going To Kill Me.
(This Is Covered Under The Terrortorism Act).

1. Conspiracy

2. Conspiracy To Deprive A U.S. Citizen of Their Rights Under International Law.

3. Lying, Coniving, Harassment To Deprive A U.S. Citizen of Their Rights Under International Law. (I Don't Owe But Two (2) Entities In America. 1. American Express and 2. Firestone.

4. Operating An International Crime Organization, A Fake Company (In A Muslem Country) To Entice Fraud and Terrororism, Using Wire Fraud, Telephone and Banking Systems (Chase Bank of New Haven, Connecticut) Trans Shipping To Launder Money.

5. Using The Credit System: "Credit Karma" and (Trans -Union) To Further Their Crime and Terrorist Spree. I Might Ad, Using U.S. Citizens To Further Their Will.

6. You May Write Me or My Lawyers At This Address, Since Most of You Live In Holes.

7. My Lawyer Has Copies of ALL Transactions: Banking Statements, Bank Wire Statements, Shipping Documents, and It Should Be Easy For The F.B.I. To Notify "Interpol" and Close The Case.

8. This Is A Spcial Order Which Had To Be Trans-Shipped To Portugal Because of The Height of The Doll.

 "Humanoid Look-A-Like  Model Doll"


"Black Models USA Inc"

230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576
New Haven, Connecticut 06513
A Modeling Agency.


* Lying About The U.S. Border Patrol and Homeland Security: Stating That The Shipping Charge From "Malasia" Is $1,500.00 More For Shipping. 

(I Know They Are Lying Because I Have Applied For A "Import License". You Must Go Through Homeland Security and The U.S. Border Patrol To Get A License.

* Best Dolls

* I Have Seven (7)-15) Photos of People From:

* I Have The Shipping Company: JTK Shipping Company and Number.

A. Singapore
B. Portugal

This Foolishness and Non-Sense Has Been Going On Since January 2016 With
reference: Connecticut Black News

I Do Believe That This Is A Scheme To Rake Internet Users of Their Rights and To Steal Names To Re-Sell At A Higher Rate and Foreigners Are In Control. All of These Entities Operate Outside The U.S. Jourisdiction.

U. S. Army Military Physicle Fitness Trainning Program:
For Black Women.
Black Women You Can Loose Fifty lbs. (50) In Ninety (90) Days.
You Must Sign:
1. A Legal Aggreement, 
2. A Doctors Certifucation, 
3. You Cannot Eat Pig (Pork), Grease, Lard or Fat. You Must Learn:
1. Safety and Security, 2. Personal Self Defence, 3. Exercise, 4. Fitness. (Pork Will Kill You and Restrict Your Blood Veins Circulation and Give You A "Stroke"). 
During and After Trainning Men Will Be Running After You Down The Street. You Must Be Able To Defend Yourself...or Be Able To Run.

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired, Is Looking For A (Wife) Tall, Bow Legged, Light Skin (Redbone) Woman  w/Demple To Date, Lunch/Dinner At Omni Hotel@ YALE, "Steak" On State Street, Theatre, Plays, Movies, Shubert Theatre, Travel, Museums, Foxwoods Casino, To Date and Marry Under Pre-Nuptual "Connecticut" Law.

Singer, Actress, Model, Dancer, Musical Instrement (Harpsicord, Harp, Piano, Spoken Word, Voice Over,

1.  Blacks Would Own Businesses

2.  Blacks Would Own Their Homes

3.  Blacks Would Own Their Businesses and The Buildings They Are In.

4.  In New Haven Connecticut There Are One Hundred Fifty-Four (154) Black Churches (FAKES). How Many of These Are Legal ?.
There Is A Book Agency On Aging. Services, Programs, Benefits For Older People With Disabilities and Care Givers...Did You Know That There Are Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine (999) Non-Profits In The City of New Haven.

6.  A Black Church With A 501c(3) Certification Can Give You AA Reciept For Your Federal Income Tax Deduction. (Is The Black Church Helping The Black Community ? No)

9.  How Can We/You Grow As A People ?, A Race, We/You Cannot. Emancipation Was 1865, We Have One Hundred and Fifteen (115) HBCU's In The South, I Have Never Met One (1) . There Is No Growth. Foreiners Come To America...They Can't Even Speak Engish. In Six Months...There Is A Business In That Household. In Two (2) Years They Are Buying Their First 1st. House. In Five (5) Years They Bought A Commercial Building. In Twenty (20) Years They Have A Neighborhood (Spanish) (Chinese) (Thia) (Iraq) (Vitnamese) (Italian)(Jews) (Cambodia)(Cuba)(mexican) Where Do You Think They Got The Money From ?. You Black Man...Buying Their Food, Culture, Music, Clothes. Where Is Your "Soul Food Restaurant" There Are Three (3) On

10.  I Don't Think Like ALL Blacks In America. The Second 2nd. Time I Went To Vietnam, We Were Sent To Jungle Warefare School In Country For Three (3) Weeks. We Trained In Lai Khe In The Inner Jungle and Night Fighting Outside. I Want You To Wrap Your Head Around This. I Was Assigned To B. Co. 2nd. Bn. 2nd. Infantry The Big Red One.
The Third 3rd. Day We Were In The Ho Bo Jungles...A Soldier Grabbed Something and It Exploded, Five Men Dead....We Are Only Ten (10) Men. Now We Gotto Do First Aid On The Dead and Wounded...The "Viet Cong" Heard The Explosion, Here They Come !. They Had Us Surounded and Moving In. Soldeirs Know How To Fight...Jungle Warefare Trainning Makes You More Effective and Sneaky.
They Trained Us To (NEVER) Pick Up (ANYTHING) In The Jungle. "CoCa Cola", "Salem Cigarettes" and "Hershey Chocolate Bars" Do (NOT) Grow In The Jungle.
ALL Five (5) Soldiers Died. We Had To (Rock) Fight About An Hour With These Viet Cong. That Was My First 1st. Battle.
I Was Lucky and "GOD" Was With Me. I Served Five (5) Years, Two (2) Months, and Eighteen (18) Days In Vietnam.

11.  "GOD" Does Not Talk To Me, Like Many of The People You Follow Say !. "GOD" Told Me To Tell (You). This Thing That We Are On, Is "Spirituality", According To My Readings Over The Years...

A. We Are Susposed To Be Calling (Our) African Americans (Black People) Places of Worship "Temples". The Place of Worship Is (Owned) By All The People. NOT A Pastor or Preacher. Once You Keep Following Those Dumb Ass"s, You Apply For A 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization...That Building Now Belongs To The State of Connecticut. The State of Connecticut Has The Right To Tell Your Leader What To Preach or Not To Preach. You Cannot Have One Political Party Speak In The Church, But Two Political Parties...Equal Time. Since You're Not Learning Anything Anyway, The State Can Tell Your Leader To Not Preach On This or That Subject.

B.  We Are Susposed To Be "Praying" and "Meditating". A Temple Provides: A Daycare Center, A Free Kitchen, Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, A Feeding CenterCounceling, A Fitness Center
A Discussion Room, A Employment Center (Jobs Bank), A Desaster Emergency Center, A Store HouseWidows and Fatherless Children, Blind, Sick and Disabled People, (I Did Not Read In All My Readings In The Bible Where It Says,  "Ex-Cons", "Drug Dealers", "Gang Banger's". "Rough Necks", "Collecting Money For Real Estate Persons To Go To School, "Pay For Jeremy's Operation, Comply With The Law-Obama Care-You Want It, You Pay For, I Don't Want It But I Gotta Pay For It", Pay For The Pastors Trip To Africa. "A Female Pastor Crys Out and Says,

Why Can't He Fly ?,  Cure Every Known Desease On EarthRaise The Dead, Empty Out Every Hospital and Heal The Sick, Walk On Water, Turn Metal Into Gold ?.  There Are About One Hundred and Thirty-Five (135) Versions of The Bible Worldwide....Remember, The So Called "White Jews" Found, Stole or Was Given ALL These Writings Three Thousand 3,000 Years Ago. They Started Re-Writing The Holy Scriptures.

What About Other Scriptures Written Ten Thousand 10,000 Years Ago. Who Decided What Books, Scriptures Go Into A "Bible", Money, Gold or Politics.
Why Can't The White Man Wait Until They Land On Earth....He Is Lying !...Research It Yourself.... Go To YALE University Divinity School. They Teach Religions (Eight) (8) To (Ten) (10) There.

Man Created Religion (So That The State Could Step In With State Authority and/or 501c(3)) Non-Profits , "GOD" Created "Spirituality". ALL This Running Around The Church, Hollering and Screaming Will Not Get You Saved or In Heaven, I Can't Learn A Damn Thing and The "Pastor" ( Stop ! Looking At Her !) Is Hollering and Screaming.

 When I Was A Processing NCO In Ft. Dix New Jersey In 1968, We Got Thousands 1,000's of Men, They Had To Stay With Us For A Week To Be "Processed", Before The DI's Got Em. Sargents Didn't Yell and Scream Like That.

Willie Williams Jr

Life Member # CT 54137


Life Member # CT 1184279

Life Member New Haven, Ct # 2 # 060602C004904

Life Member # 14569

Life Member # 665627 Post # 15007

Life Member # 2645 Member At Large

Member # 210683645


What If The Homeless Gave You Money ?.

Car Theft Reward

When You See Something On Bella Vista Property.
You Can Earn $1,000.00-$5,000.00 Reporting Cars Stolen, Vehicle Tampering Stealing Contents, Breaking Windows. If You See Strage Cars/Vehicles, Write Down The License Number.

Call 911

You Will Be Paid Upon Conviction. Police SubStation District 9

Dem Boys

Tina Turner

Smokin Skillet-Soul Food-Catering
Open: 1:00 P:M:-6:00 P:M:
1531 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut 06514


The State of Connecticut Is In Debt, According To The U.S. Debt Clock Board Each Citizen Owes $ 12,279.00Dollars.
Why Do We Keep Creating These FAKE Non-Profit Organizations ?.
All We Haveto Do Is Create Our Own Business Corporations and Use Our Own Brains.

Connecticut Non-Profits
* Create A 501 c(3) Church, Beds For Drug Dealers, Drug Addicts. Gang Members, You Can Give Your Selves Huge Salaries of $ 100,000.00 per. Year and Get Free $$$ Money $$$ From The U.S. Government and Connecticut State Government and City of New Haven Government. 
Pay No Federal Taxes
Pay No State Taxes
Pay No Property Taxes
The City of New Haven Will Sell You Land/Property For $ 2,000,00 Dollars
The Tax Payers Will Pay Your Way. The Little People Who Earn $ 25,000.00 Dollars Per. Year. They Can't Afford To Pay A Lawyer $10,000.00.

Basic Law Course

Gullah Gee Chee Nation
 Charleston, S.C.
(Queen Quet)

Queen Quit

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired
U.S. Army
Retired Teaher. 

Black Hebrew Israelites

The First 1st Amendment

Constitutional Law

Orders of

City of New Haven


Roosewood 1923

Ho Chi Men Wrote Book In 1924 
The Black Man
Lychings and The KKK

Nikki Minag



From The Publisher

This Is The Problem In America: How Do You Deal With Your Relatives Who Tell You That They Are Not "Black". They Are A Different Race From You. They Call Themselves "Malattos" or "Bi-Racials".

These Are My Mother and Father: TSG E-5 LeRoy "Habersham" Born In Yamase, South Carolina (Killed) In WWII "Germany" and Evelynn Hall "Habersham" Born On Youngs, Island South Carolina. I Have Two (2) Sisters Who Were Born Before Me, I'm The Outcast Because I'm To "Black". There Is A Place Called "Habersham Georgia"...I Don't Have No "Legal Rights" By Law To "Inherit" Nothing. The "Black Habersham Family" Has Given Me The Cold Shoulder Since I Had A "Private Investigator" Find My "Sisters" In 1968. I Never Wanted Money, Inheritance or Land. I Just Wanted To Know, Acknowledgement and To See.

Black Hangings In America

c Were From Mali 900 A.D.-1600 A.D.
1997 Four (4) Discoverys Are Underway. History Books Must Be Changed Now. Christopher Columbus Did Not Discover America.

The Moors Empire

The Black Church