# 67174WL
Classification AAAA

Quick n Loan (Chris) and Coldwell Banker (David Carr) Are Running Some Kind of Mortgage Fraud or Scheme. 
The F.B.I. Are Looking Into It...Tracking. Survailence
1. This Also Envolves The G.I. Bill For Veterans and Retirees.
2. Federal Documents That Were Sent To Coldwell Bankers.
3. Coldwell Bankers Wanted Me To Send Them (Chris) $ 4,000.00 Plus and David Carr Wants $ 1,700.00 and He's RepresentingThe Landlord-Coldwell Banker and Me.
4.  They Want Me To Take Out A Loan As A G.I. Bill Retied Veteran For $ 412,000.00 and I Said, Hell No !.
5. Telephone Records: Look At The Number of Times They Called Me and  Audiotapes Since Febuary 2017 To April 20th 2017.
Telephone Calls
Why Call Someone..., If They Don't Pick Up.....Leave A Message             

Rooms For Rent-New Haven, Connecticut

Only U.S. Money Orders Accepted

Bella Vista Housing
330 Eastern Street
New Haven, CT 06513
Section (8) Voucher or Section (236)

Willie Williams Jr (Resident)
Leasing Referral Form
 One (1)  Two (2) and Three (3) Bedrooms Available For Lease. Expires May 31, 2017

Security Video Cameras

Dining Room Table

Rooms For Rent
Comes With Rental Aggreement
Four (4) Sheets and Two (2) Pillowcases, Blanket and Mattress Pad. You Are Responsible For Cleaning Your Own Room, Washing Your Own Clothes and Cleaning ALL Pots , Pans, Dishes, Silverwear and Utinsils You Use In The Main Kitchen.
Rent Is $ 125.00 per. Week, -or- 500.00 per. month plus $ 500.00 Security Deposit, After Screening, Criminal Background Check, Credit  Checks. U.S. Money Orders ONLY !.
 Two (2) Persons Sharing A Room $ 750.00 per. Month (Children Under Sixteen (16) Years of Age  Are Free !
. (The Second 2nd. Person Must Go The The Same Screening As You.
 (Thats The Law In Connecticut).

55" Wide Screen Television
You Must Pay For Installation and Cable Charge

No Parties
 1.  No Parties In Your Room, In This Apartment, In This House or On This Land.

2.  No Loud Music.
3.  No Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Bullying, Threatening, Stalking, Fighting, Arguing, Sabatage, Sappers, Shootings or Terrororism.
4.  No Drugs, Narcotics or Anything Listed By The DEA As Illegal.
5.  No Gambling of Any Kind.
No Making, Producing, Creating Any Exotic Drugs.
6.  No Making, Producing, Creating Aby Alcohalic Beverages.
7. You Must Abide By ALL City Ordenances, State Laws and Federal Laws.
8.  No Tampering With Emergency Equipment, Fire Alarms Systems or Video Cameras.
9.  No Pork or Pork Products Are Allowed On/In This Property.
10. You Must Buy Your Own Food Using EBT, Food Stamps, Other Food Plans (Save Your Reciepts) Place Your Food In Your Refrigerator and Sheves In Your Room. You Cannot Use or Eat My Food (Koshur) (Dietary Laws) Non-Pork As The Bible Teaches, You Cannot Mix Foods, UnClean Foods.
 You Will Be Given Two (2) Locks With Two (2) Keys For Your Door To Protect Your Property (Use Them).   

This Is What Parents Are Susposed To Be Doing With (Your) Children !.
1. Reading To Them
2. Teaching Them About Computers
3. Buy A Desk Top Computer Today !.

Bedroom Refrigerator
Comes With Rental Aggreement-Month To Month

This Refrigirator Is Off Limits To ALL Rental/Tenants

Emergency First Aid Kit

Emergency Home Food
For Tenants On Lease or Section (8) ONLY! : 
 (Tenants Must Replace ALL  Food Withen Thirty (30) Days). A Separate "Contract" Will Be Created With HUD Section (8) City of New Haven, Connecticut.
Tenants or Section (8) Personnel Will Be Givin A Key To Their "Emergency Food Locker" In The Basement At Housing Authority Meeting.

Lighting w/Sensors

Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Parking Fees
Parking Is Permitted On Private Property. Ten (10) $ 10.00 per. Day per. Car or A Signed Contract With The Landlord For $ 200.00 per. Month per. Car. or Your Car Will Be Towed By Law.

Home Security System

Why Don't The U.S. Government Pay Reparations To Blacks/African Americans and Wash Their Hands.
1. Blacks Want Total Control Over Black/African American Domestic Affairs and Policy, Freedom, Independence and Self Rule.
2. We Can Start From Nothing Just Ltke They Did In 1921, Just Leave Us Alone.
2. Every Race In America Has Their Own Homes, Neighborhoods, Wards, Districts, Politics, Economics, Voting Power and      Businesses We Want To Make Our Own Decisions. (Where Is Little Africa In The State of Connecticut ?).

Missing People In America.
Women, Girls and Children
There Are Sixty Four Thousand 64,000 Missing Black Women Missing In America. 
$$$ Reward $$$
Millions of Dollars Offered: Contact The F.B.I.

Black Men Missing: One Million Five Hundred Thousand 1,500,000,000

Is She A Combat Veteran ?

Cilvilians (FAKES) Pretending To Be Soldiers. Some of These People Have Gotten Paid Thousands of $$$ Dollars Over The Years.

 Kidnapping & Assault

Robbery, Selling Drugs, Stealing Drugs, Stealing Money From Drug Dealers and Gang Members.

Giant Human Beings Walked The Earth and Ate Men and Women Just Like You.

Japan Giant Sumo


A Black Woman Soldier With Two (2) Children.
There Are Hundreds 100's of Black Women In The Military With Two (2) or More Children Around The World.

Black Women U.S. Army Basic Trainning School
President Donald Trump Said On T.V. Channel # 62, The 24th. of Febuary 2017, There Will Be Thousands 1,000's of Jobs, Get Off : Welfare...HUD...Section (8)...SNAP,,,EBT Card...Medicare...SSI...You'll Love It !. This Will Help ! STOP ! You and Your "Begging Benny" Boyfriend/Man From "Begging and Robbing" People. Now ! In 2017, The U.S. Army Has Something For The Woman...You Can Have Children and Be In The Army...They Have Tiny Tots, Day Care, Nannies, Schools, Middle School and High School On A Military Base Twenty-Four 24 Hrs. A Day. 
They'll Teach You How To Be A Lady and A Woman.  

African American/Black Marraiges.
I Was The "Chairmen of 14th. Ward (D) and 15th. Ward (R)" "Justice of The Peace", So, I Married One (1) of My Daughters To Her Husband Roger At 31 Downing Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06513.

With A Gun You Are A Citizen-Without A Gun You Are A Subject
2nd. Amendment
When The U.S. Government Rounds You Up Under "Martial Law" and Hauls You Off To A Concentration Camp. You'll Wish You Had A Gun. "Black Hebrew Israelites"-Beware !.
Some of These "Rouge Cops" "Draft Dodgers" "Cowards" "Runners" "Trators" Are Killing Blacks, Veterans and Retired Military Personnel.

Thank You For Contacting Us. We Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible
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I'm Looking For A Tall Bow Legged Redbone Woman To Marry In New Haven Connecticut. (You Must Sign A Pre-Nuptual Aggreement-Connecticut Law)








Since November 1988

Since December 31st. 1998

# 210683845
# 210645645

African Americans Are UnEmployed In Big Cities and Small Towns In America.

Black Men Need Jobs Too !.

Black Women Need Jobs Too !.

Black Woman News Reporter
Must Know and Do: Reporter CTV Television-Connecticut Black News Inc Reality Television Show, Operate Video Camera, Operate Still Camera, Type 50-70 Words per. Min., Operate HP Computer w/Printer, Control 15-20 Blog Subjects Per. Day., Sign-In and Join, Let's See What You Can Do.
$ 1,000.00 per. week.

Help Wanted!
Administrative Assistant
$ 600.00 per. week.
Must Hold A Masters Degree, Read At A
High School Level, Write, Count, Operate A HP Computer w/Printer. 
Connecticut Black News Inc

Black Woman Videographer
$ 650.00 Per. Week.

Black Male Photographer
$ 400.00 Per. Week.

Black Lawyers
Corporation Councilor
1/3 rd. of Civil State Lawsuits
25 % of ALL Federal Lawsuites


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(203) 469-6680


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Connecticut Black News 230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576, New Haven, CT 06513

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