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Light Skin Women (Redbone Women)
Got It Made/Good In America...They Can Pass For Four (4)-Five(5) Different Races.

In The City of New Haven There Are Two (2), "War Babies" That I Know For Over Thirty (30) Years. Sally Brown and Mrs. Polynesian-Blazon-Malasia. These Women Think In Their Minds and Action...That They Are Superior/Better Than Other Black Men/People (Traitors).

Connecticut Black News Inc 
The I.R.S.

Why Would A Government Do These Things ?, Unless We Live In A  Communist Society. As Is Written In My Book: Communisim: Enemy of ALL Freedoms, Published In c. 1987 By: Willie Williams Jr. Remember: I Was The Seventeen (17) Year Older Fighting Against Communism In Vietnam For Five (5) Years, Two (2) Months and Eighteen Days (18).

Connecticut Black News Inc
Veterans DD 214

Did You Know That Millions of Veterans In The U.S. Armed Forces Have Been Denied Jobs, Education, Home Loans, Futures, Educations, Wives, Children, Because of What Type (Codes) Are On Their DD-214's Discharges. What Kind of A Government Does That ?. If I Were Still Active As A (SSG E-6), and This Encludes Officers Too, I Would File A Brief With The C.I.D. and D.I.A. and Federal Investigations Would Begin and Court Marshals Would Be In The Multitudes. The President Would Haveto Declare Marshal Law...and The Heads Would Roll. Were Talking About Thirty (30)-(50) Years In Ft. Levenworth, KS, Underground.

Theres More To Come From This !...Pt. 1-10

# 67174WL
Classification AAAA

Connecticut Black News Inc
I'm Looking For A Business Partner/Investor Who Knows Mens and Womens Clothing, Style, Trends, Future, Customer Service, Inventory, Materials and Neighborhood Trends. We Need $50,000.00 To Re-Open "Black Models USA Inc". This Time, We Buy The Building and Land. Your Credit Will Be Checked, Background Checked and You Will Be Vetted.
I Don't Want No - Criminals/Drug Dealers, Gang Members/Gang Leaders, Creaps, Punks, Draft Dodgers, Thugs or Idiots (You Must Be Computer Literate.
Buy Their Cars...They Have A Lot Full
Sound Auto
14 Frontage Road
East Haven, Connecticut 06512
Dave Brown
Tell Him...
Willie Williams Jr Sent You...You Get A Discount $$$
Willie Williams Jr

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Connecticut Black News Inc
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Connecticut Black News Inc 230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576, New Haven, Connecticut 06513

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