Elder: Willie Williams Jr, Black Hebrew Israelite, Tribe of Judah                                                 

# 67174WL
Classification AAAA

Quick n Loan (Chris) and Coldwell Banker (David Carr) Are Running Some Kind of Mortgage Fraud or Scheme. 
The F.B.I. Are Looking Into It...Tracking. Survailence
1. This Also Envolves The G.I. Bill For Veterans and Retirees.
2. Federal Documents That Were Sent To Coldwell Bankers.
3. Coldwell Bankers Wanted Me To Send Them (Chris) $ 4,000.00 Plus and David Carr Wants $ 1,700.00 and He's RepresentingThe Landlord-Coldwell Banker and Me.
4.  They Want Me To Take Out A Loan As A G.I. Bill Retied Veteran For $ 412,000.00 and I Said, Hell No !.
5. Telephone Records: Look At The Number of Times They Called Me and  Audiotapes Since Febuary 2017 To July 2017.
Telephone Calls
Why Call Someone..., If They Don't Pick Up.....Leave A Message             
Only U.S. Money Orders Accepted

Bella Vista Housing
339 Eastern Street
New Haven, CT 06513
Section (8) Voucher or Section (236)
Willie Williams Jr (Resident)
Leasing Referral Form
 One (1) 
Bedrooms, Two (2) Bedroom, Three (3) Bedrooms and Four (4) Bedrooms.
 Available For Lease. Expires May 31, 2017


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I'm Looking For A Tall Bow Legged Redbone Woman To Marry In New Haven Connecticut. (You Must Sign A Pre-Nuptual Aggreement-Connecticut Law)








Since November 1988

Since December 31st. 1998

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African Americans Are UnEmployed In Big Cities and Small Towns In America.

Black Men Need Jobs Too !.

Black Women Need Jobs Too !.

Black Woman News Reporter
Must Know and Do: Reporter CTV Television-Connecticut Black News Inc Reality Television Show, Operate Video Camera, Operate Still Camera, Type 50-70 Words per. Min., Operate HP Computer w/Printer, Control 15-20 Blog Subjects Per. Day., Sign-In and Join, Let's See What You Can Do.
$ 1,000.00 per. week.

Help Wanted!
Administrative Assistant
$ 600.00 per. week.
Must Hold A Masters Degree, Read At A
High School Level, Write, Count, Operate A HP Computer w/Printer. 
Connecticut Black News Inc

Black Woman Videographer
$ 650.00 Per. Week.

Black Male Photographer
$ 400.00 Per. Week.

Black Lawyers
Corporation Councilor
1/3 rd. of Civil State Lawsuits
25 % of ALL Federal Lawsuites


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Connecticut Black News 230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576, New Haven, CT 06513

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