The Police Nationwide Are Shooting and Killing Veterans and Retired Black Military Personnel.
There Are Hundreds 100's of Cases In Federal U.S. Courts Over The Years, They Are Pretending To Be Soldiers and Most Recently, About A Month Ago, There Was A Man In The Midwest Who Had Been Pretending To Be A Soldier Retired For Eighteen (18) Years. Who In Their Right Mind Would Want To Go Through What I'/ve Experienced For Five (5) Years, Two (2) Month, Eighteen (18) Days.

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired U.S. Army

White Man Tells Why White People Keeps Killing Black Men In America.

With A Gun You Are A Citizen-Without A Gun You Are A Subject
2nd. Amendment

When The U.S. Government Rounds You Up Under "Martial Law" and Hauls You Off To A Concentration Camp. You'll Wish You Had A Gun. "Black Hebrew Israelites"-Beware !.

Some of These "Rouge Cops" "Draft Dodgers" "Cowards" "Runners" "Trators" Are Killing Blacks, Veterans and Retired Military Personnel.

Connecticut: The Constitution State.

African American Newspaper In Connecticut. Our Focus Is On

Race, Racism, Discrimination, Justice, Religion, Economics, Political, Liberation, Freedom, Black Veterans Rights and In-Equality.

1.  There Were No Jails or Prisons.

2.  There Was No Mental Institutions.

3.  There Was No Racism.

4. There Was No Orphanages.

5.  There Was No Poverty.

6.  There Were No Beggers or Bums On The Streets.

7. There Was No Murder.

8.  There Was No Rape.

9.  There Was No Robbery.

10. There Was No Break-In's.

11. There Was No Drug Dealers.

12. There Was No Drug Addicts.

13. There Were No Gangs.

14. There Were No Old Folks Homes (They Were Called Elders-They Give Advise).

15. There Were No "Missing Persons-300,000-700,000 Since 1980".

16. There Were No "Runaways".

17. There Was No Spousal Abuse

18. There Was No Elder Abuse.

19. The White Man Stole, Kidnapped Us, Gave Us Government Names and Their Religion/Belief Which Has Been Tampered With In 3,000 B.C., Lies and Fairy Tales.

20. There Was No Soup Kitchens, Lines or Hungry People.

21. There Were No Day Care Centers or Elder Care Centers.

22. There Were No Gay Men or Women.

ALL The Tribes Had A Religion, Belief System or Spirituality.

We, and Us Are Doing Something Wrong ! Maybe We Are Worshiping The Wrong "GOD" or Worshiping The Wrong Way !.

Remember The Story About "Willie Lynch"...It Could Be Another UpSide Down "Trick" To Keep You Down....Think About It !.

I Remember When I Was Eight (8) Years Old, I Knew Everyone On My Block From: 214 Day Street-Edgewood Avenue-Kensington Street-Chapel Street, We Don't Know Each Other No Mo, Yall Rich, I'm PO. 

     "There Was The "University of Tim Buk Tu" and The "Library In Egypt" (Where The Most Intelligent Woman In The World Lived, She Was Killed On The Staircase of The "Library". She Was Leaving The "Library" To Get Onto Her "Chariet", She Knew Everything At That Time and Was Doing Research.

She Was Stabbed By Foreigners, Her Name Was "Hipatia". They Came From ALL Over The Known "World" "Four Thousand 4,000 B. C." To Sit At Our Feet and Learn From Us "African's"...We Will Rise Again...Watch The Stars In The Sky.

Do Your Own Research !

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Ranch Allen Singers

Tamela Mann

The New Jim Crow

How To Get Free! Government Grants From The U. S. Government.

How To Get Out of Debt In Ninety (90) Days.

1. Buy Black

2. Eat In Your Own Black Owned Restaurants.

3. Eat Your Own Cultural Foods.

4. Buy Your Own Restaurant.

5. Get Together With Other Like Minded Blacks and Form Your Own "Corporation" and Do It !.
6. Start Your Own "Legal 501 c (3) Non-Profit "Church", "Mosque", "Cathedral" "Tent", or "Spiritual" "Temple".

7. We Need A Gathering Place, A Place Where Blacks Can Speak Freely and Have The Same Rights As Everyone Has.

8. Get With Some "Black Veterans" Real Soldiers, Not "FAKES", or "Retired Military" With "Good Credit". "Veterans" Can Borrow "Four Hundred Seventeen Thousand  Dollars $ 417,000.00 For A "Multifamily" "Home". You Get With Them and Multiply That Money $$$ Times That. But, Remember, You Never Bring Someone Into A "Commercial" Business and They Can't Do Anything In The Corporation... Plan Well.