United States of America


If You Have No $$$ Money $$$, You Have No Say So.

We Control The Narative

Who Should Pay For Slavery ? How Much ? Note: The U.S. Is Broke...They  Owe The World $ 3 Trillion Dollars...They Got Themselves In Debt...Put Them In Jail...Right Is Right...Wrong Is Wrong Thats "Justice". 
There Are Ways To Test For The Past:
(The Bible Teaches...Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You)
1. "The Means Test":
2. Ancestry:
What You Look Like...I Know People Who Can Pass For (5-10) Other Races On Earth
My SoCalled Relatives:
 3. Science: Rh Negetive Blood
4. ALL Other Blood Types
5. The Bible:
Lost Twelve (12) Tribes of Israel
6. We Vote On It. So Called African Americans.

 Every Dark or Black Person In America:
 But, Exclude "Draft Dodgers" and "Convicts" Bi-Racials and Mixed People Cannot Vote.
ALL Other Types of Blood, DNA, Decendency, Geneology, Pheno Types Report, Every Dark or Black Person In America !. Wants To "Say"...I'm Portugese.

Stop Looking At Her ?. Why ?, Is She "Asherah" GOD's (Yah Weh's) Wife or Is She Your Woman.

Stop Acting Like A Slave. Worship Your Ancesters, They Came Before You, I Worship My Mother and Father When I Pray. My Father Was Killed In Germany During WW (2) Trying To Save Jews...From Concentration Camps and Liberate Them From Death. I Wanted To Be A Soldier When I Was Eight (8) Years Old. 

Clean-Eat These Animals


Black Models USA Inc


You Know It, Seen It, Heard It.
We Want:
No He Said,She Said
No Roommers
No Gossop
We Want Truth

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Connecticut Black News Inc 230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576, New Haven, Connecticut 06513

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