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The SoCalled Educated Black Woman Is No Prize For Decent Black Men. 

1. They Choose The Drug Dealers, Thugs and Wanna Be's...Fake Soldiers and Draft Doggers, Street Trash, Giants, Ballers, Dummies, Cowards, Runners, Embicils, Blabber Mouths, Hulagins, Communists, Terrorists and He Can't Even Read, Write, Count, Type, or Operate A HP All In PC. In The U.S. Army They Call Him A (Dud) A Simpleton, A Runner, A Two 2 " Tall Little Girl, A "Sissy", .

2. They Choose Those Men Who Cannot Think or Do Not Have Dreams.

3. They Let This Fool Drive Their Bentlys and Tear Them Up.

4. They Give (Them) $$$ Money $$$ To Take (Their) Girlfriends Out and Have Sex With Them.

5. They Want To Rule and Dominate Over Black Men.

6. They Don't Want A Man...They Want A Boy Who Have No Brain and No Ambitions.

7. With ALL This SoCalled Education You Have...Is Your Home/House Paid For ?
Are Your 2-3 Cars Paid For ?

 Does Your Mama Own Her Own Home ?

 How Many and What Type of Corporations Did Your Daddy Leave You ? Before He Died ? How Many Acres of Land Did He Leave You ?

8. What Black Own Newspapers Do You Read ?

How Many Are Black Owned ? How Many Newspapers Do You Personally Own ?

How Much Debt Are You In With Your "American Express" and Other Credit Cards ?

 $ 50,000.00-$ 150,000.00-$ 5,000,000.00 ?

9. How Many Jobs Have You Created For Black People In Your Life Time Using Your Own Money ?

10. Black Women, Educated With Money Have Secrets...They Are Revield In The Video Below.

Give Us "Reporations" of $ 5,000,000.00 Million Dollars per. Black Person and Fourty Acres of Land A John Deer Tractor, and 90% of Us Will Be Gone.

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