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Connecticut Black News Blog

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Connecticut Black News Blog

Connecticut Black News Inc- Black Humanoid Sex Doll

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Connecticut Black News Inc

 Black Humanoid Sex Doll

Black Models USA Inc

230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576 New Haven, Connecticut 06513-2129

If Every Grown Woman In Connecticut Would Do This Two (2) or Three (3) Times A Week, It Would Cut The Divorce Rate In Half


You Do Not Haveto Tell Her To Exercise or STOP ! Eating Pork, Grease, Fat , Lard and UnClean Foods, This Sex Doll Is Guaranteed To Last Ten (10) Years


You Do Not Haveto Beg, Buy and Spend $ 100.00-$ 500.00 No More...

See The Kind of Work They Can Do

Say Good by To ALL Prostitutes By By

Send The Photos of Three (3)-Five (5) Stars or Celebrities...Give Them Something To Choose From

In Your Apartment, Home, Condo, or  Mansion.

The Standard Model-"Black Humanoid Sex Dolls".

Is In Your Bed, In The Closet, In Her Box/Coffin, or On Her Standing Stand (24) Hrs. Per. Day...She Is Ready When You Are.

No More Marraige, No Child Support, No More Alimony, No More Fighting, No More Demestic Murders, No More Rape Charges, No More Sexual Abuse, No More I'm Pregnant, No More You Ain't Getting No Puxxy Tonight or For A Month, No More I'm Leaving You, No More Running Your Credit, No More $ 25,000.00-$ 100,000.00 For Butt, Titts, Face, Skin Bleaching and Hair Jobs.

Photo of An Doll Mold After Vulcanization

This Is What She'll Look Like (Standard Model). Your Face From Photo

You Can Have A "Black Humanoid Sex Doll" With Legs Like These w/Doll Stand

After Vulcanization Process

You Don't Haveto Pay For Sex Anymore

This Black Humanoid Sex Doll Does Not Age, Require Food, Sleep or Get Tired

Life Like

She Can Resemble Anyone (Withen The Law) Stars and Entertainers (Trade Mark)

Steel Metal Skeleton

This Sex Doll Is Heavy

Shipping In Six-Eight Weeks...They Must Check The Face You Want Is Legal, Trade Mark, or Dseased

Guarenteed For Ten (10) Years

Shipped In A Coffin Shaped Container

"The Celebrity"

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 160 lbs

Price: $ 10,000.00 (USD)


Certified Check or Bank Draft

There Is A Non-Refundable "Handling and Administration Fee" of $ 500.00 For Service, Returns, Non-Shipment.

Shipped From: China

Room Share For Rent Female

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Room Share For Rent Female


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Black Dating USA

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Black Dating USA

Soul Food Restaurants

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Soul Food Restaurants


Apartment For Rent

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Apartment For Rent

339 Eastern Street Bella Vista Community

Call: 203-466-3460

New Haven, Connecticut 06513


Georgann C. Williams

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Georgann C. Williams

Black Models USA Inc

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Black Models USA Inc

Nikki Odell-Model

Nikki Odell-Model

Members Photos

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Members Photos


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Veterans and Retired Personel

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Black Veterans and Retired Personel

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired U.S. Army

Willie Williams Jr

Willie Williams Jr-Teacher-Special Education

The Credit Correction Kit c. 1987

By: Willie Williams Jr

Black Women Veterans Returning From IRAQ

Black Churches In Connecticut

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Connecticut Black News Inc-Black Churches In Connecticut

African Spirtual Belief Systems For Thousands of 1,000 Years. (Read Front Page). 

Black Christianity In America

"Yah Weh" Told You To Do This...You Don't Want or Need A Black Man.

Hollering and Screaming In The  "501 c (3) Non-Profit Church", Has Nothing To Do With "Prayer". It Won't Get You Saved, You Will Not Go To Heaven..."Yah Weh" Does Not Have A Hearing Problem. When You See Prople Running and Screaming In A So Called Holy Place...It's Drugs/Crack and Demons On Them.

Black People Talk Too Much. It Is Writen In Your Bible...Pray Seaselessly, Dietary Laws, Idols, There Are Those Who Say They Are Jesus...and Are Not. This Is December 2016, Why Are You Still Worshiping A White Man ?.

Oneness In Christ

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If You Are A Real "Teacher", A "Pastor", "Evangelists" or A "Prophetesses", You Claim You Hold A "Masters Degree", "Phd. Degree", A "Doctors Degree",

Remember ! Thats What You Told Me, But, I Didn't See You In West Haven, Connecticut In 1987-2009  Applying Your Trade/Skills.They Hired Me.

(Prove It !) Teach A Black Man How To Fish, So He Can Fish For Ever. Once He Learns How To Operate A Computer, He's Set For Life.

Have Lunch With A Prophetess

Buy Her Lunch At Three (3) Brothers Diner.

Prophetesses Can Tell You ALL About "Dietary Laws" and The "Book of Eviticus". and

UnClean Food

Black Women Exercise In Connecticut

Love Your Best Friend or Girl Friend...But ! Love Her The Right Way.

Redbone Women's Legs

If She Wants To Sit In Her Office, Cross Her Legs, and Operate A Computer...and Get Her Point Accross To The Poblic...."GOD" Bless Her.

She Has Eighty Thousand 80,000 Followers. I Don't Know How Many Have Come To Christ.

This Woman Has Seventy Five Million Followers 75,000,000.



Who Wrote The Bible...The White Man. If You're Going To Teach Spirituality...Teach The History of Spirituality. Every "Tid Bit" Known To Man.

Would A "GOD" Let This Happen To A Child ?.

His Name Is Not "GOD"....His Name Is "Yah Weh"....Maybe You're Worshiping The Wrong "god" and We Know Your Worshiping The Wrong "Person".

Bible History, Paleantology, Cutiform abd Relicts Have Proven That.

1. There Were Two (2) Wars In The Heavens,

2. "Yah Weh" (Had) A Wife...Her Name Was "Asherah"

3. "Lilith" Was Adams First 1st. Wife,

4. There Were Other Living Beings On Earth Before Adam. The Lived In A City Called "Shinar"....Afar From The "Garden of Eden". The Bible As Is Writen Today Has Been Tampered With....There Are "Holy Scriptures" Which Have Been Found In Many "Nations and Tribes.".

These Are "African Dieties" Dating Back Ten Thousand  10,000 Years...

One Hundred Thousand 100,000 Years.

You Have Masters Degrees...But,

Have Not Mastered "Thought".

The Bible Teaches You To "Pray"....and "Meditate".

The Bible Also Teaches You To "Exercise".

This Is The Last One (1)....The Book of "Leviticus"..."Dietary Laws UnClean" Food.

I Have A Fried Who Has A "Doctorates Degree In Religion" From YALE University.

I Was Telling Her This Shortly After My Wife Was Killed In A Car Accident In 1987.

This Was  When She Had A "Masters Degree". "Yah Weh" Does Not Give Every Person Understanding...Some Have 30%, Some Have 60% and Some Have 100%...

Look It Up, Research It, Use You "Computer". Keep Following The White Man and His FAKE White "Jesus".

Did You Know That During To Height of Slavery In The USA, There Were Four Million 4,000,000 Slaves...

Also, There Were Four Hundred Thousand 4,000 Free Africans , Mostly In The South.

African Ancestry...

African American Geneology (Genetic Ancestry).

There Are Three (3) Magor Testing Sites In America.

ALL Black People In America Are Not Africans...

Some Are (Black Hedrew Israelites).

I Sent Away For ALL Three (3) of The Genetics Testing Kits, It Will Take Two (2)-Three (3) Months For Testing.

Black People

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Black People



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