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She's Coming and She's Over Fifty (50) Years Old...No Children. 

She's Coming and She's Over Fifty (50) Years Old...With Old Baggage and Grown Children.

1. The State of Connecticut Is Going To Reduce, Eradicat, Eliminate Out Dated Laws. Because: Certain Clergy Personnel, Police Officers and State of Connecticut Employees 54,000 (Personnel) 5,000 Are Shacking and Getting Federal Benefits, "Federal Income" Tax Is A Lie...Remember The Word "Leadership" Starts With The Governor: Dan Malloy...He Set's The Pace and We Follow As Citizens...

I Could Say To The Federal Government-(Justice Department) Thats High Treason...Trator. That "Govenor: Dan Malloy" Is A "Spy" For "Canada". If It Goes To Trail and He Is Found Guilty He Is Going To Do Time. That's How The Law Works In Federal Court.

Go Back Fifty (50) Years...Destroy Every Body and Every Thing...Destroy Townes, Cities and States. If They Broke City/Town/County/State or Federal Law...Put Them In Jail/Prison...That's The Law In Connecticut. These Laws Go Back To 1619...Let's Talk About Connecticut State Law...The State of "Connecticut" Has Laws On It's Book's That Say If You "Usurpted" The Powers Of The State of Connecticut That You Should Go To Jail/Prison and Loose Everything (Example:

 1. Mixing Criminal Records In ANY Criminal Case...But. If You Don't Have $ 5,000.00-$ 10,000.00 To Pay A Competent Lawyer In The State of Connecticut...Your Case Stay's (Mute). Because They Have The Same Name).
(When A Person Is Found Not Guilty In A Court of Law...ALL Charges...Are Dismissed and Erased From ALL Records. Compensate Him/Her...To Their Previous Status In Life...It Does Not Say...First 1st. Trial, 2nd. Trial, 3rd. Trial...It Say's (Compensate Them-That's The Law In Connecticut). But, You See, You Are Busy Playing Politics and Race Games...That's Why The State of Connecticut Can't Move Forward...You're Ignorant and Don't Even Know It. 

 I Am Aware of At Least Fifteen (15) Cases...Are (Shacking) (Put Them In Jail/Prison). Commiting The Act of "Shacking" In "Connecticut". One (1) Black, One (1) White and Jewish. These People Were Never Married Nowhere In The World and They Have Children Together... When I Was Married... I Placed The "Marraige License" and The "Marraige Certificate" In Frames On The Living Room Wall So ALL/The World Can See. Did They Get State Welfare ? Did They Get ANY Kind of Federal Assistance ? Did The Male Serve In The Mlilitary ? or Was He A Draft Dodger...A Federal Crime...A Grown Man In The State of Connecticut Scared To Die For His Country.  Destroy Their Lives...Get Your...My Calculations Say's The People Owe Five Billion $5.000,000,000.00 Dollars.

Let's Destroy Lives...Starting With The State of Connecticut Personnel...Who Is Perfect...Know's Everything...Even Know's What "GOD" Is Thinking !.
Tax $$$ Money $$$. Any Police Officer or Law Inforcement Officer In The State of Connecticut Who Cannot Pay His Way:

 Police Officers Earn
$ 125,000.00 Per. Year. Taxes...Home/House/Car Taxes or Pay His Bikks, Child Support. Destroy His Life and Put His Family On The Streets and Him On The Streets Too.

Truth Is Truth and A Lie Is A Lie !

The Bible Teaches: As It Was In The Day's of Jesus... Those FAKE White Jews Cried Out and Said, Crucify Him.

Let's Make It Fair, Right and Equal For Every Body In The State of Connecticut...Just Like In The U.S. Army...Lead or Follow...Sissy (Who You Gonna Shoot In The Back Now...I'm A "Police Officer".

2. More Than Five (5) Police Officers In Connecticut, Are Going To Have Their Personnal Cars Stolen, Tagged, Towed, City Tax Boot, Blown Up. Falure To Pay Your Car Note. (Now Who You Gonna Shoot Now City of New Haven-Automobile Taxes-You Earn Over $ 125, 000.00 Dollars and Can't Pay Your Taxes House/Home Taxes of $ 4,000.00 per. Year (Why ?), The Tow Company or The Car Dealership!. $$$ We Need The Tax Money $$$. (Back Shooter).

3. Recreational Marajuana Law Will Pass...We Need The $$$ Tax Money $$$.

4. The State of Connecticut and The Federal Government (BIA) Will Break The Treaty/Compact With The So Called Indians...Stating That They Are Not Really Indians/Native Americans. On Tribal Land They Are Native Americans, Off Tribal Property, They Pass For White. They Are Going To Let In Two (2) Casinos From Nevada.

5. War With North Korea and Iran...It Will Last About Six (6) Month. America Will Not Occupy North Korea...America Will Occupy Iran...ISIS Is Not Finished. America Will Take In Thousands 1,000's of North Koreans.

6. There Is Talk of An Federal National Underground Four (4)-Five (5) or Six (6) Lane Tunnel From New Haven-Bridgeport-Hartford-New York-Boston, Which Will Reduce Tractor Trailors, Accidents, Polution, Noise, Time, Speed-Up Production...With Toll Stations, Because We Need The Tax $$$ Money $$$.  


Now How Is ALL This Affecting/Benefiting African American/Black Men In Connecticut?.

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr

What Soldiers Carry: Three (3), 180 Rds Ammunition, Two (2) Belts M-60 Machine Gun Ammo, Two Canteens of Water, First Aid Kit, Compass,

Where Is The Building, Storefront,
Basement or Garage. Where Are We To Read Our Bibles, Pray, Meditate, Gather or Hold Meetings ?.

Do You Have Inner-Guards

How Is Your Organization Set Up ?
* 501c(3)
* Not Registered With The City or State.

You Must Use Your Brain...Not Your Partners

Black Lives Matter-New Haven, Connecticut

The U.S. Army Dumps Tons of Food In The Ocean Every Year In U.S. Army Ships Because of (WW ll) Stock Pile. There Should Be No Hungry People In America. Every Man, Woman and Child Should Get Five (5) Meals A Day. They Had Been Doing This Since 1946.

Hungry Black Child 1960's-(Lack of Neutrition)

* Where Is Your Army Black Man ? You Can't Even Protect Your Mama.
You Have Never Been Trainned and Continuously...Day After Day...Night After Night...Weeks At A Time...Months Go By.
Thats What Soldiers Do. They Train...and Practice...Until They Master It.
* Where Is (Your) Flag ?.

* Where Is You Constitution ?

* Can You Afford To Buy Your Own Uniform ?. 

* Can You Mama Operate A Sewing Machine...Your Sisters...Your Girlfriend...Your Baby Mama...Your Paster...or You Can Do It. 

* You Can Buy A Singer Sewing Machine For $ 100.00 At K-Mart...It's To Heavy To Steal or Pawn...For $ 10.00 Dollars.

* Where and How You Gonna Feed Yourself ? Soldiers Have A Supply Line.

* Do You Know:

1. First Aid

2. CPR


4. EMS # 1 and # 2

5. Can You Dig A Proper Hole

A: Grave Digger

B: Fox Hole Five (5) Feet Deep, Three (3) Wide, Hole In The Middle Front Two (2) Feet Deep (Grenades).

* A Soldiers Has Resources...What Do You Have ?.

* Can You Afford To Buy Your Own Gun ?.

* Did You Buy It or Did You Steel It ?

* How Often Do You Train With It ?

* Two (2) Weeks Before Christmas...You Gonna Turn It In For $25.00 Worth of Crack...and You're Going To The Check Cashing Place...Instead of A Bank.

Monthly Food Allowance.

Columbus, Georgia 1972. I Was Stationed At Ft. Benning, Geogia.

This Is What Black Women In New Haven and In Connecticut Should Be Doing...Teaching Black Men How To Operate A Computer. (IT).

When "Marshal Law" Is Decleared By President Trump...You Will Not See or Hear About Police Shooting and Killing Un-Armed Black Men.

 When Marshal Law Is Declared...The Military Take Over/Control Everything...and When "Airborne Soldiers" Tell You To Get Off The Street...

Every Living Breathing Human Had Better Move....and That Means The Police Too...

They Can Follow Behind. Let The "Police" Them Kill One (1) Black Civilian (Un-Armed).

 Soldiers Will Sweep The Streets With Their Bodies. We Are Going To Restore Order.