Martial Law Suspends The U. S. Constitution...Soldiers Out Rank (Cops)...We Will Be Under The (UCMJ)...and They Will Kill Any White Man Who Get's In Their Way...You're Not Going To Like That...

Martial Law Is Coming.

We "Black Nurses" Will Be Behind The "Soldiers" To Clean Up The "Bodies" and "Mess".

America Is So (Sic) That Soldiers Hung An Eight (8) Year Old Boy In The 1800's.

Afro American Cultural Center @ YALE

Do They Teach Black History At YALE ?.

This Is Miss. Anne, Posing and Photographed. She Thinks It's Funny.

They Killed ALL These People.

Wake Up Black Man !.

Black Lives Matter
New Haven, Connecticut 06513

Black Lives Matter Theme Song

White America and Rouge Cops Are Jumping In This Hole.