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I Served In Several Capacities In Vietnam of Five (5) Years, Two (2) Months, and Eighteen (18) Days :
1. I Drove For "General Norton", I Was An Interpreter/Interragator, Squad Leader, Platoon Sargent, Military Advisor, MACV Team # 41, 1st. Inf. Division, USARV, 

2. Battle of Bau Bang I, and II,

3. The Movie An Loc II U.S. Army Signal Corps Military Film

4. From 1966-1968 I Serverd Under Thirteen (13) Company Commanders From Capt/Major Carr To Capt. Gratzer

5. I Wanted To Be Just Like My Daddy Tsgt E-5 LeRoy Habersham Who Served In World War II

6.  I Have Been In A Total of Thirty Seven (37) Battles In Vietnam To Include Michalon Plantation, On  Dong Jungle, Highway 13, Bam Tuet, Battle For Pla Ku, Cambodia, Laos, Tet 1967, 1968,  Ben Wah, Rescued Three (3) Nun's and Thirteen (13) Girls From A Convent, One (1) Didn't Make It, We Rescued Franswa and His Family In Nha Trang.

I Served In This Unit From 1966-April 15th. 1968, The "Battle of Chon Ton". Capt. Gratzer, Special Forces, Ranger, Patfinder, Jungle Warfare Expert. The X.O. and The Artillery F.O. Ran, Ran The Face of The Enemy In Vietnam, Abandomed His Command,  Left Two (2) To Fight  Alone (ie) Williams and Chimpocco.

  He Ran and Got The Silver Star, Bronze Star, The Soldiers Medal. They Ran Like Little Three (3) Year Old Girls, and Left Sgt Willie Williams Jr, SSG E-6 Chimpocco, SP/4 Barnes, PFC Rodregus To Fight Alone In The "Battle of Chon Ton" April 15th. 1968, SSG E-6 Chimpocco Was Blown Off The 2nd. To Last Track...I Jumped Off Too...His Right Leg Was Open From (RPG) Fire From The Hip To His Knee, I Did First Aid On His Thigh, We Fought The Viet Cong From The Front of A Tall Termite Mound Until Barns (M-60) and Ridregues (Thumper) Could Get To Us. There Were Bodys Every Where. The Viet Cong, They Tried To Grab Us.

The Batalian Commander Called Bravo 6, Cpt. Gratzer, He Did Not Answer, After A While, I Answered and Said, Bravo 6 Yankee, We Need Artillery and Air Strike, He Responded and Said, Where Is Bravo 6, I Responded and Said, This Is 211 Yankee Every One Is Blow Up and SSG E-6 Chimpocco Is On The Ground Wounded, I Am By His Side. The Col. Said, I'm Calling In Artillery and Ground Support, Give Me Your Coordinence, I Gave Him Artillery Coordenance and Air Coordenance, It Came In..and What A Beautiful Site.

The Company Commander Took The Company Down An Oxcart Trail, Single File, You Could Not Turn Around, Twenty Two (22) Armored Personnel Carriers, No Bullet Proof Vests, Thirty Seven (37) Americans Killed Three (3) {Left Behind} PFC Rodreges    (Thumper) M-79, SP/4 Barnes (Machine Gunner) (M-60), SSG E-6 Chimpocco Platoon Sargent Said, Willie, We Gonna Die !, I Said, Don't Worry Chimpocco, If You Die, I'll Die With You. At The End of The Day,

Capt. Gratzer Got Shot In The Chest (2-3) Times Point Blank...Soldiers They Killed The NVA/Viet Cong.

"Big Red" From Tennesse, Was One (1) of The Soldiers Dead and Left Behind.

U.S. Army Awards and Decations Department

B. Company 2nd. Bn. 2nd. Inf 1st. Infantry Division

(Don't Tread On Me)

To: President Donald Trump: The President of The United States of America. You Have A Bunch of Traitors, Lyers, Cowards, Little Three Inch. 3 Tall Little Girls and Anti-American's On Your Team.

Check Out "The Company Morning Reports". Check Out The Body Count and (My) Photos Over The Years. Every Time We Were In A Battle I Took Pictures. I Was Also, In The Movies:

1. Lam Son ll 1967 U.S. Army Signal Corps Production,

2. Five (5) Miles Into Cambodia,
3. Saving Franswa and His Family(CIA Asset) In Nha Trang 1968,
4. The Battle For Machalon Plantation Monistery...Three (3) Nuns and Thirteen (13) Bi-Racial-French/Vietnamese...Catholic Students (Female).

Where Are Our Awards, Decorations and Medals ? From The War They Called Vietnam. Bau Bang ll, Hobo Jungle, Micholon Plantation, Bane Thout, Cambodian Excapade (We Must Be Lost),  Laos Envasion (With The 257th. NVA, My (Self) SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired SSG E-6 Chimpocco (Guam) Who Saved His Life ?, SP/4 Barnes-M-60 Machine Gunner, PFC Rodregues-Thumper-M-79 ?.

CPT. Gratzer Couldn't See Because He Was To Busy Rubbibg From The Enemy...This Is What The I.S. Army Calls A Sissy Boy, Coward, Yellow Belly Coward. 

Thats What They Do In "Montanna"...Run,...Like Little Girls Three 3 " Tall, They'll Shoot A Man In The Back...and Say, He Was Threatening....Bussards. I'm A Capt., Special Forces, Airborn, Pathfinder, Ranger, Jungle Expert,

Does This Man Deserve:

1. The Silver Star
2. The Bronse Star
3. The Solders Medal
4. He Was Recommended For The Medal of Honor
5. He Was A Runner, Sissy and A Coward

6. I've Seen More Combat In Five (5) Years, Two (2) Months and Eighteen (18) Days Than Twenty Five (25) Capt's Who Are Special Forces...Those Medals Are "Batalian Commanders Lie's", Politics, Fakes and Frauds....The Man Is A Runner and A Coward...Sissy...Hold The Line Until Death.