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This Is A 501c(3) Spiritual Temple, Under The Laws of The United States Government, ALL Founders, Members, Staff and Employees Will Have A Membership Card:

Temple Administration:

Everything You Do Here Is Documented:
 Simular To A :"Credit Card":

 1. Tithes, 2. Offerings, and 3. Gifts and You Get A Reciept For Your Records (I.R.S.). . 


To Teach The True Teachings of "Spirituality" From The Beginning of Time...

1. Who or Whom Created Astrology, The Stars, The Planets, The Universe, and Cosmos.

A: Teach ALL "Holy Scriptures" Found In The World Today December 2017, Divenation, Prayers, Blessings, Spells, and Curses.

This Includes: (All Documentation) Documents, Books, Bones, Skeletons, Ertifacts, Cutiform, Schrolls, Invromentally/Unfriendly Places, Experiences, Dreams, Apearances, 

2. To Buy A Building In New Haven, Connecticut, Which Will Be Called
(By My Name...A Spiritual Place).

3. Create A "Soup Kitchen" Feeding ALL People In New Haven, Connecticut Two (2) Times A Day, Seven (7) Days A Week

4. Create A Mico-Work Shop To Teach "High School GED", "Typewriting Skills"- For Resume Building and Typing Skills, "Computer Operations- For Research and Findings, "Household Appliance Repair", "Small Engine Repair", "Beginners Art Trainning","Sewing Machine Operations"- For Clothing ie Hats, Bags, Coats, Jackets, Trousers, Dresses, Shirts, Bottons, Zippers, "Building Operations and Maintenance",

5: Health, Fitness and Self Defence Center.

Do What "GOD", "Yah Weh" Said:
1. Feed The Poor, 2. Down Troden, 3. Homeless, 4. Those Who Have Fallen Off The Wagon, 5. The Lowlee, 6. Those Who Have Lost Their Jobs, 7. Families Who Have Lost Their Fathers, 8. The Winos, 9. The Drug Addicts, 10. The Veterans, 11. The Destitute,


You Take Care of Home and New Haven, Connecticut  and "GOD" "Yah Wah" Will Take Care of You...

6. Clothing...Put Clothes On Their Backs...

7. Housing...Put A Roof Over Their Heads...

8. Feed Them:

So That Their Minds Will Generate Wonderful Ideals, Salutions and Inventions...

9. "Give" The "Poor" A "Mission"...To "Live" and Prosper.

It's Called "Revolutionary Developement". Just Like "An Loc II 1967-1968". I Was There, It's On Video...U.S. Army Signal Corps...It Works. As A Military Advisor...Everthing Which I Have Written Can Be Proved Out In U.S. Army Field Manuals....Look It Up !.

Who Wants To Live Like 1940 In 2018 In Charleston S. C.
(This Is What Black People Call Dirt Poor)

Pastor: Loria Morrison

Future Home of United Black Temple

Your History, Culture, Past and Spititual Religions.

Connecticut Black News Inc United Black Temple
Did You Know That There Are Eighty Five Thousand 85,000 People Missing In America !.

Connecticut BlackNews Inc Find A Building In New Haven, Connectticut:

Denomination: Non-Denominational...Lilith, Jesus. Ashurah, GOD and Yah Weh Have No Denomination..."Black Hebrew Israelites", The Following Tribes...1. Judah, 2. Benjamin, 3. (  )

Church Administration 501 c (3)
Federal Income Tax.
State of Connecticut Taxes.
Social Security and Retirement Accounts.

Connecticut Black News Inc Feeding Program:

Our "Soup Kitchen" "Eatery", Is Real and "We Train Our People" In The Restaurant Industry and We Pay Them.

"Diaeity Laws": Read The Book of "Eviticus".

Tithing: 10% per. week.




General Meetings: Members Vote and Have Say So.

Safety, Security and Protection:

Certified Security Guards (Connectified Law).

(We Must Protect This Building, Employees, Members and Guest). 

1. Inner-Guard

2. Outer-Guard

State of Connecticut Certified Guards: You Must Be A Member: Free Food: Uniforms
Provided By: (United Black Temple).

Trainning Includes: How, Why, When, (Who) (Whom) Was The SoCalled Bible Created,Temple History, Past-Present-Future, Doctrine, Pholosaphy,

Your: Behavior, Conduct,

1. All (Guards) Must Train Every Other Day. Inner Guards and Outer Guards. 

2. Other Trainning Will Be Conducted By Retired Military Personel. The Way It Was In

The Beginning....For "Black Hebrew Israilites".

3. Who and What The "Prince of The Power In The Air" Looks Like, Who's World Do We

Live On. Why Would "GOD" Place Human's On Earth ?.

 You Can't Fly,
You Can't Walk On Water, You Cannot Raise People From The Dead, You Cannot Speak To The Dead, Nor They To You, You Cannot Walk Through A Ten Foot 10 ' Thick Brick Wall, You Cannot Walk Through Fifty Feet 50' of Fire Raging At 2,000 Degrees. You Cannot Talk To GOD, (Yah Weh).
Why Would "GOD" "Yah Weh"Tell His Angels To Bow To Man Named "Adam" ?. Something In The Milk Ain't Clean.

Mission: To Train African American/Black People In Industry, Tehnology, Mechanics,

Mathmatics, Finance and The Truth About Spirituality...War In The Heavens I,, War In

 The Heavens II,, Jesus, GOD, Yah Weh, Angels (Eleven Types (11), Giants,

Exterestriels, Demons (What Demons Look Like) , For Their Salvation.

Belief System:

 Are Set Up By Tribes: Benjimen, Judah, Jacob,

Holy Whores: Spiritual Prostitutes: They Tore Out and Burned The Books About 4,000 Years Ago.

Marraige: We Encourage Marraige and Compatibility For The Welfare of The Children.

Membership and Members: Only The Members Can Vote You In or Out.

Yunicks: Males Without Penises. Thousands 1,000's In America !.

Preachers Without Churches or Buildings: They Have Knowledge, But, GOD, Has Not Blessed Them To Have A Platform. (Something Is Wrong).

Prophetesses Who Cannot Speak To You In A Spiritual Setting: Is It A Demon or A Fake ?.

Why Black Women Can't Find and Hold A Black Man Down As A Husband. 
They Have A Demon Seed Inside Them. This Demon Seed Tell's Them To Go For "Jabbo", "Bubba", "Binky", "Pinky" and "Drug Dealers".

ISUPK New York

Unclean Food

African Religions

The Belfar Aggreement

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