The City of New Haven Connecticut Is In
Debt $ 98,000.000.00 Million Dollars.

1. Connecticut State Law:

The "State of Connecticut Auditor" and "New Haven Police" Can Investigate For A State or Federal Crime "Conspiricy"...Going Back In Time, The "State of Connecticut", State Statue Twenty Five (25) Years.

Note: There Are Laws On The Books,
 "Connecticut Law Going Back To 1638"
There Called Statues | Colonial Standards | and The Fundamental Orders.

2. Reduce Police 10%-25%.

3. Reduce Fire Services 10%-25%.

4. Reduce Buddy Services and Nepotism 50%-75%.

5. Cut Expendable Office Supplys 75 %.

6. Get Rid of All (City) Automobiles and Insurace Costs=Savings of $10,000,000.00 Million Dollars.

7. Get Rid of ALL Double Dippers and Retires In City Government...

8. Reduction In Force: 60% of ALL Policemen/Women Should Not  Be Holding The Possitions/Rank They Are Holding...For If They Are, Why Can't They Investigate and Find Out Who Is Financialy/Fiscally and Administratively Responseble. A Savings of $ 5,000,000.00 Million Dollars.

9. STOP ! Hiring Criminals, Convicts and Unqualified/Unproven Personnel.

10. Hire Veterans, (ALL Recrds On File DD 214) Not Draft Dodgers, Communists and Drug Dealers/Users Little Girls.

What Goes Around, Comes Around..GOD, (Yah Wah) Said It !

9. Do A Credit Check On ALL City Employees...Financial Responsibility Test.

1. Rent-Lease-Mortgage
2. Child Support
3. Car Payment
4. Credit Cards
5. Bounced Checks
6. Judgements
7. Liens
8. Divorced
9. Loans
10. Forclosers
11. Driver Licence
12. Registration
13. Home/Renters Insurance
14. Did The Men Serve In The Military
DD 214 Military Service (Honorable)
* Drug Testing | Psycological Testing | Emotional Testing | Child Abuse | Wife Abuse | Incest|
** If They Have Not Payed Their Home Property Taxers/Automobile Taxes In Two (2)  - Three (3) Years, Take Their Home (s) | Take Their Children (s) | Take Their Car (s)...Other States (50) In The Midwest Use "Forfieture Laws" To Steal Peoples Property...The "City of New Haven" Can Too. You Want Money $$$ ? = You Break The City of New Haven, You Can Get $ 50,000,000.00 Million Dollars In (30) Thirty Days.

This Is A List of Things I Had To Go Through In The State of Connecticut In Order To Get and Hold A Job In Connecticut...ALL City Employees (Civil Servants) Should Go Through The Same Things.


Stop Looking At Her ?. Why ?, Is She "Asherah" GOD's (Yah Weh's) Wife or Is She Your Woman.

Stop Acting Like A Slave. Worship Your Ancesters, They Came Before You, I Worship My Mother and Father When I Pray. My Father Was Killed In Germany During WW (2) Trying To Save Jews...From Concentration Camps and Liberate Them From Death. I Wanted To Be A Soldier (Just Like My Daddy) When I Was Eight (8) Years Old. I Remember When I Was Tiny, Everyone Would Say, They'll Kill Your  Little Ass. 

Clean-Eat These Animals

Willie Williams Jr: Teacher

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Church Fights:
Why You Should Not Go To A So Called Black Church In America Again.

You See, This Is What A College Education and A Little Money Will Do. Black Men..."Draft Dodgers", They Will Fight Each Other...

When "Jesus" Returns With Thousands of (Other Alien Beings) What Are You "Sick" (Niggers) Going To Do Then. Run, Scream, Holla and Shit!!!.

Millions 1,000,000.00's of Us (Black Veterans and Retirees) Pray For Reparations From The U.S. Government So That We Can Get $$$ Payed $$$ and Move From Under The "White Man's Rule", So That We Can Rule Our Selves. Give Us Land or Farms, So We Can Feed Our Selves.

GOD Said, If You Don't Work You Do Not Eat...
READ..."Jesus" Was A "Carpenter...How Many of You Have Passed Down Carpentry To Your Son's? Ass Holes...
You Passed Down Nothing Because You Have Nothing, You Know Nothing, and Your Daddy Didn't Leave You Nothing. My Daddy Left Me A "Legacy" He Was A Solder, In , Germany, World War ll. My Grand Father Was A Soldier In World War 2,
 My Great Grand Father Was A Soldier In The Spanish American War and A Buffalo Soldier. Our Last Names Was (Habersham) Gulla Gee Chee. From 1887 Huculees Habersham of Habersham County

If Nobody Teaches You The Right Way The First 1st.Time, How Is Your Legacy Going To Move Into The Future? Dumb Ass!.

Being A Soldier Is More Than Being Able To Take Out The Entire Police Force of Any City. Whats The Mission, Your Orders, Whats Your Job, What Can You Do, Where Did You Learn How To Do A., B., C., D., E., F., I Learned These Skills  In The U. S. Army.

The U.S. Army's Philosophy Is Restore Order, Build or Rebuild, Survive and Let's Win This War.

 Soldiers Know How To Restore Order and Build Cities and Townes. It's Called Civil Engeneering and Civil Affairs.

 One of My Tours In Vietnam I Was Assigned To "MACV Team # 41", Where "MAT Teams" Were Sent Out To The Mountain People (Mong) and Built "Comes", "Villages" and "Townes".

There Is Several Films Available Showing "An Loc ll 1968-1972, Pacification In Vietnam". I'm In Some of These Films.
You Can Keep It Moving or You Can Kick Rocks. I Don't  Like Being Told What To Do...I Can Do It Myself If I'm Trainned and Taught Right The First 1st Time..

Church Fights
These Are Clowns, Fools, Imbasols, Ideits, Draft Dogers, Hulagens, Sissy's, Heffers, Bitches, Witche's, Warlark's, Drugs, Drug Addicts, Crack Heads, Smack Heads, Winoes, Superior Human Beings, Fighting Over Church $$$ Money $$$ That Does Not Belong To Them. Plus They Fight Over Slut's, Harllts and Prostitutes.

The Super Women of Sodom Part 1 

Connecticut Black News Inc-230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576-New Haven, Connecticut 06513
Willie DNA
Ancestors of Willie Habersham
NRA Life Member
Connecticut Black News Inc 230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576, New Haven, Connecticut 06513

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