Black Female Humanoid Sex Do
Height 190 cm Tall
Weight 160-180 lbs.

Customise Your Sex Doll

1. Clones-2. Synthetics-3. Non-Human-4. Walking Talking Duplicates

The Celebrity Sex Doll

Height: 6' Feet Tall, Breast 40",Hips 40", Heights: 6' 5" Tall Available.

* The Doll Can Vibrate It's Vigina, Just Like A Real Woman Can.

* It (She) Vigina Vibrates

* It (She) Butt Vibrates

* It (She) Vibrates

 * Makes Sounds

* Warming Pad Built In

* It (She) Moans

* Squirts (Baby Oil)

* U.I. 120 Volts

 Ten Thousand $ 10,000.00 Dollars-Twenty Five Thousand $ 25,000.00 Dollars

To Build and Ship:
 Send You Verification of The Picture/Photo For Copyright Infridgement Etc.Three (3)-Four (4) Months.

Certified Bank Check or U.S. Money Orders (Only)

To: Black Female Humanoid Sex Doll-Customise

230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576

New Haven, Connecticut 06513

Free ! Postage, Shipping, Handling and Insurance.

From: China

Customise Your Doll


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