Citizens Are Supose To Contribute To America,  Not, America Contribute To Non-Citizens, Draft Dodgers, Drug Dealers, Gang Members, Gorillas, Sappers,  Domestic Terrorists and Terrorists. This Bill The President..Donald J. Trump Signed Is A Fraud...Fake News.

I Served Four (4) Times, Five (5) Years, Two (2) Month and Eighteen (18) Days In Vietnam...and I Could Never Buy or Get A (Home) of My Own...They Want $ 30,000.00-$ 50,000.00 Dollars Down Under (The New G.I. Bil) In New Haven,  Connecticut.

ALL of These Bills, Laws and Acts Are Nothing But Frauds, FAKES and Lies...Did You Know That The Veterans Administration In West Haven, Connecticut...Lost My Medical Records.

Lost My Medical Records Three (3) Times From 1974-2016..I Was Approved For 100% Disability 2017. (Now I'm Retired) SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr U.S. Army Retired. Some of You So Called U.S. Citizens/Pretenders/Fonies and FAKES (The F.B.I. Knows You're Here!) You Are Not Going To Like It.

 When The "President" Recends (The Draft  Laws) This Will  Include Women Ages 18-55 Years of Age-Single or Married-Children or No Children) ALL Hands On Deck...Even Me !..Again.

Homeland Security
There Are Hundreds of illegal (Spanish-Speaking-People), Non-Citizens, MS-13, Gang Members (Tatoos On Arms and On Their Backs). In The Fair Haven Section of New Haven, Connecticut (McDonalds).

 They Don't Belong Here According To (Federal Law). I Remember, During The 1980's,The V.A.Lost My Medical Records A Second (2) Time, They Told Me That I Never Served In The U.S. Army, They Have No Records On Me Ever Serving In The U.S. Army.

(I Said: If I'm A FAKE or Lier...Why Don't You Call The Federal Police...The're All Around Us. I Was Reading In The Army Times Several Months Back, That A Man Had Been Recieving A Check From The Government For Fifteen (15) Years As A Sailor, He Was Not A Soldier, Never Served A Day. How Do Cilviians Get Disability Checks For $ 975,000.00 Thousand Dollars For Fifteen (15) Years.

 Don't You Want To Get Blown Up,Emosified or Killed In Combat ?. Con't You Love America !...Isn't That The (American Way).

The Bible Teaches..KJV 1511, Love "GOD" or The Devil...You Got To Choose...One Day Soon !. You See, What Goes Around, Comes Around...Mark My Words. January 1st. 2019.

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired U.S. Army (RA11421406).

There Are Five (5) Video Tapes Here

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