African American-Headshot-Willie Williams Jr-Men-Hair-Model-Actor-Dancer-Movies:
The MisEducation of Corrine Thomas, AnLoc ll-The Forgotten Ones, New Haven Speaks

Presidential Election
November 8, 2018

Former: "Notary Public", "Justice of The Peace", "Co-Chairman",

and "Chairman" Ward 14th. and 15th. Ward

Civic Duty

District 11-1

343 Eastern Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 06513-2429

Praposal For A 501 c (3) Non-Profit "Gospel Temple"--"An African American Cultural Center". If You Believe In "Yah Weh" and Believe That Certain "Negros" In "Ameraca" Are From The "Tribe of "Juda or Jacob". We Are The Original Jews.

This Organization Provides:

"Spirtual Up Lifting" and "Gospel Music", "Restaurant" Serving "Wholesome Food" According To The "Bible" "Laviticus", "Emergency Medical Assistance", Multi-Services-Referrals, To The Poor, Homeless, Veterans, Un-Employed, Teens, Teen Mothers With Child/Children, Ex-Con's, People Who Need A "GED", Lonely, "Elderly-Senior Citizens", Disabled, Wonderers, Hobo's, Bum's, Hang Around Guy's, Direleks, Mentally Challenged.

The Following People Are Not Welcome Here:

Active: Drug Dealers, Active Gang Members, Back Shooters, Stick-Up Kid's, Busters, Gorilla's, Slicky Boy's.  

We "Train" and "Teach" People How To Do Things. We Gather Broken Parts, Sets, Kits and Outfits. We Put Them Back Together Again. Computers, TV's, Sewing Machines, Washers & Dryers, Motors and Engines 5 kw and Under.

We Teach:

Bible History & Faith

1.  Humanism

2.  Ettiquette

3.  Protocol

4.  History of Blacks (Negros)

5.  Photography

6.  Videography

7.  Reading

8.  How To Read

9.  How To Research


11.How To Do Your Own Geneology

12.Basic Typing, Advanced Typing

13.Fundamentals of A Computer, How To Use A Computer, "The Learning Machine", The "U.S. Army" and "Computers", Computers Today, Computers of The Future.

14.How To Use A Computer, YALE Library # 1 and # 2, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Museum, The Vatacan Library, The Library of Egypt. 

"Retired Teacher"

"Retired SSG E-6 U.S. Army"

"Modeling Consultant/Trainer

Willie Williams Jr

"Spiritual Advisor"

For Those Who Believe In "Yah Weh", "Asherah" and "Jesus" ONLY !.

Aquarius, Astrologer, Star Gazer, Date and Marraige, Numerologists, Seerer, Dreams, Love, Dating, Children, Home, Automobile, Jobs, Employment, Business, Career, Numbers, Family, Travel, Vacation, Lottery, Music, Glamour, Health, Luck, Happyness, Future, Casual Meeting,

1. Purpose

2. Doctrine

3. Pholosophy

4. "Rules" of The "Temple" Will Be Writen, Before We Buy A Building.

5. Did You Know That When The "Jews" Wrote The Scriptures, In Their Holy Books, They Left Out Thirteen (13) Other Books On Astrology and Astronomy...Why ? Because They Contained Curses and Blessings.

I Want You To Think About This:

 What Single Black Man Wants To Go To A Church, A Black Church, Mosque, Temple, Gothic, Cathedral, African American Church, Synagoge, Tent, Storefront, Abandomed Building, Train Track, A Top of A Club and There Are Ninety Five (95) Black Women and Five (5) Black Men and Can't Look At Them or Marry Any of Them. (I Was In The Fifth 5th. Row In The Rear and Couldn't See Her Anyway).

 (What Unique Thing Can You Do, That You Love To Do ?.)

The Female Pastor of The Church Yelled Out and Said,

STOP ! Looking At Her !

"Blessed Be He Who Believes",

Let Me Send You Your Lucky Numbers. Lottery Numbers, Keno Numbers. Enclose A Large Stamped Addressed Envelope and Ten $10.00 Dollars To:

You Are Responsible For Your Own Reciets For The Building Fund.

Thank You For Your Donation !

To Buy A Place of Our Own, A "Temple" (Look It Up In Your Fake Bible), A Place of Worship Where The People Own, Have One (1) Vote and The Right To Speak.
 (Speakers Bureau) and Run For Office, Hold A Temple Office , If You're Qualified.

Willie Williams Jr
230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576
, New Haven, Connecticut 06513

Christ Has Risen

A Black Church That Does Not Focus On The Needs of It's "Black People" Is Not A "Church of Spirituality". It Is A State Sponsored Entity To Sucks Off The Blacks, Poor, UnEducated, Lack of Knowledge of Self.

1. Who Are You ? Black, Negro, Colored, Nigger, Black Jew, Malatto, Bi-Racial, Octoroon, Quadroon ?. 

2. Where Is Your Homeland ? 

3.  What Is Your Culture ? 

4.  What Is You're Mother Tongue ?

5.  What Is You're Religion/Belief ?

6.  The Reason Why Black People In New Haven, CT Are Not Moving Forward Is Because They Do Not "Read" Nothing.

6. Where Is Your Flag ?

7. What Country Did Your Four Fathers Come From ?

7.  If We Come Together and Meet In A Place That We The People Own-A Building, A "Temple", We Can Become Industrius...As In  The Days of "Marcus Garvey". From 1910-1935, UNIO Prospered Until These Incompitent, Bafoons, Fools, Ediates, Uncle Tom's, People Were Discovered. (We Will Procecute You). Every Black Face Will Not Be A Member:

Status Nameplate:

Volunteer/Guest/Visitor/Invited In/Employment/Voted In/A Member.

8. Everybody Wants To Be In Charge, But Everyone Does Not Know Everything. Know Thy Self.

9. The Cooks, Bakers, Salad Makers, Soups, Kitchen Personnel Are The ONLY ! Personnel Who Will Be Paid By Corporation Check.

1. You Must Pass A Background Check. (To Become A Member-and Have A Vote.
2.  Credit Check.

 3. Instant Background Check.

4. Sex Offender Registry.

5.  Vetted-The F.B.I.

6. Final Check and Membership With Voting Rights/A Seat At The Table and Prove Out Everything In Print, History, Parchment, Artifacts, etc, Read, Computer Literate.

(Just Like The U.S. Army)

I Am SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Retired, I Will Make The Final Decision...


We Must Set Up A 501 c (3) Non-Profit Organization

Type of Corporation:

We Do Not Discriminate Based On Race, Color Gendar.

A Spiritual Temple

Our "GOD's" Name Is "Yah Wey".

What Type of Services We Provide:

* Culinary Trainning-Basic-Advanced

* Soup Kitchen

* Shoe Shine

* Sewing-Basic

(Women) :
 Will Make ALL Clothing Using Patterns)

* Computer Repair

(Structure and Organization)

* History Library of Black Jews

* History of The Library of Congress

* Credit & Debt Counciling

ALL Personnel Must Be Interviewed At The Police Sub-Station-Corner of Blachley and Pine Street.

On Saturdays ONLY!
Leave A Message

Volunteers Wanted





Nurse Assistants

Security Personel

Administrative Staff

Accountant Staff



Social Scientists

Historians Black History

Historians Ancient Black History


AttorneyCorporation Counsilor
Building Fund (A Federal Tax Deduction FromThe I.R.S.)

Travel To Vietnam In 1976 Looking For "Black Amer-Asian" Children Left Behind After The War Was Over.

Breaking News

Top Secret

Hidden History of Blacks
Why Would German Jews Treat Me As Their Own Son At Age Eight (8)-Age Fifteen (15) As I Worked For Them Myer & Thelma @ M & T Delicantesant On Legion Avenue-New Haven, CT,
After School From 5:00 P;M:-8:00 P:M; For $ 3.00 Dollars A Day and ALL The Change On The Floor Was Mine ?. Because My Tru Name Is "Willie Habersham".

Everything That Looks Dark, Black or Nigroid May Not Be What You Call A Nigger !...

But ! A Black Jew. 

This Is A Video Which Can Explain...Do Your Research Yourself...Use Your Own Brain.

Message To The Black Man

This Is What They Taught You Niggxxx

Book of Thomas

Lost Books of The Bible

When Blacks Ruled The World

Research It Yourself

Dead Woman Found On The Moon

Why Do Americans Haveto Pay Federal Taxes, State Taxes, City Taxes, Property Taxes, Car Taxes, and Fines and Penalties and Late Fees (ect) ?
It Is A Fact, That The (White Jews) Have The Books To Turn Metal Into "GOLD" 99.9 % Pure Gold.

The Reaon Is That The White Man Wants To Control Other Peoples On The Earth.

They Have The Books of "Curses" and "Blessings" Which They Stole From "Black Israelites" When They Killed All The "Kanenites" About 3,000 Years Ago, The Romans Stole The Books From Them, The Holy Roman Empire Was Formed. 

They Say, That They Are Jews and Are Not !.

The Bible Was Written Ten Thousand Years 10,000 Years Before The Distruction of The 1st. Temple.

The White Jews Said, That "GOD" Told Them To Kill All The Kanites...Yet! "Yaw Weh" Does Not Speak To Me !. 

There Were No Other "Beings" On The Earth But The Black Man. The Black Woman Gave Birth To The 1st. Caucasian, As Time Went On It Was Decided That The "Cacasions" Were Trouble Makers and

Were Marched Out of The Land Through The Desert Into "Europe", The Ace Age Came and Closed Out Any Return.

"Yah Wey"
Gave The Book of The Future To The Black Man.

Aquarius 2016 Love Marraige

Age of Aquarius 2018

Fifth Demention 1969

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Willie Williams Jr 230 Grand Avenue-Suite # 576, New Haven, Connecticut 06513